08 Mar

At 17 years old she finds herself pregnant with a new diagnosis of HIV combination TB. Her hopes for tomorrow are drowned out by the sudden reality she finds herself in. Decisions she did not make for herself have lead her to this point, All of a sudden the shame and guilt is too real, too much.The grief weighs heavily upon her as she struggles to grips a new understanding in where she finds herself.
Family offer little to no support…in fact she is to hide her new diagnosis from them. It is a secret, her mother says, for if they find out we could not bare to live with the isolation and shame it would bring.
What future is there for me, she thinks. How can i ever recover from this. How will my unborn child ever survive. In fact, with the future I can offer, this child would be better off dead.
This, unfortunately, is the reality of many young women living with the impact of HIV her in PNG today. Little to no support from those they call family and no future to offer their children. iCare4U is here to help reach these women with new hope and to help them find their future. A future worth living!

This story was written in memory of iCare4U’s first client. Due to some personal issues and struggles she chose to go off her treatments. In doing this she sadly sur-come to her illness and passed away in December 2016. It is for woman like her that we believe we can help make a difference. We can Restore Dignity, Rebuild Identity and Release Hope! Every life matters….her life mattered.

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