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We aim to provide respite living for our 3 month rehabilitation program to support woman diagnosed with HIV. We want to help them in the process to restore Dignity, Rebuild their Identity and Release Hope back into their lives. We aim to bridge the gap in support to see a greater understanding of HIV and compliance to treatment. We want Papua New Guinean’s to thrive in their communities, no longer seeing HIV as a death sentence and living a full and sucessful life.


Health education and Helpful resources for living with HIV. Education on the importance of treatment


to work through underlying issues and support women individually.


training to help prosperous them for supporting themselves and their families outside of the program.

Our Services

We want to offer a holistic approach to help them thrive in their life not just survive.

Another meeting the need could state:

Hospitals and other medical facilities are actively engaged in diagnosing and providing medical treatment

but lack the capacity to meet the other critical needs that arise during this critical season in women’s lives. These are the needs that iCare4U is

growing its capacity to meet.Over the years there has been significant and encouraging progress made in the numbers of those with

HIV/AIDS who are receiving treatment, but there are still many challenges.

Among the most vulnerable are woman, particularly pregnant woman and their children.

The social stigma attached to HIV/AIDS often leads to isolation from normal support networks.

Already Port Moresby has one of the higher rates of drug resistance as medications are not taken as prescribed.

Children impacted by HIV, either by being infected or having family members infected are often neglected and even orphaned and or abandoned.


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